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 Skin Care Solutions


Introductory Peel or facial offer 20% Off

Amaras most Popular Membership with choice $119 of  Laser Photo facial, LED Facial Rejuvenation, Progressive Skin Peel, Microneedling, Radiofreqency Rejuvenation, Dermaplaneing Facial

 Amaras Medical Grade Treatments

A safe, non-toxic chemical solution is applied to your skin that gently polishes or resurfaces the skin, removing the damaged top layers. A skin peel stimulates new cell growth and collagen production to effectively reveal younger looking skin.

  • Your skin will be noticeably smoother and fresher looking
  • A Medical grade Treatment reduces signs of sun damage, dull and uneven skin tone, scars, pigmentation, acne and enlarged pores
  • Improves skin texture and condition by removing dead and damaged skin cells
  • Your skin will be brighter and clearer as medical grade Treatments stimulate the growth of healthy skin cells and collagen production
  • Amara Medical Grade Treatment penetrates the skin to smooth rough texture and discolouration
  • There are a range of Medical Grade Treatments  available designed to treat specific skin conditions and types.

This can be purchased online today.

Enjoy the Healthiest Skin This New Year.  Take advantage of our Introductory Skin Care Special.

Become a Member and Receive same Continued Pricing on your next months Treatments.

Recommend twice per month for Flawless Skin.

Amara Rejuve Membership

“Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle”

This is a great way to  Re-awaken the skin and keep it looking younger.  These  Anti aging Procedures will decrease the signs of aging and keep it that way.  As we age our skin becomes Dual & thins and has signs of discoloration.  With these treatments skin will produce more collagen and become thicker. In addition to healthier skin it will brighten, and lighten age spots ( Yuma Sun damage ) on our skin. Our team of experts will help you decide which treatments will be good for your skin type.

$119 Monthly Rejuve Membership
Choose your 2 beauty bank  treatments per month or  save up your beauty bank for your favorite treatments….because beautiful skin requires a commitment.

  • $59 Microneedling facial(1 beauty bank tx) must pay for treatment tip
  • $59 60 Minute Facial (1 beauty bank tx)
  • $59 Progressive Skin Peel (1 beauty bank tx)
  • $59 LED Facial (1 beauty bank tx
  • $59 Microdermabrasion (1 beauty bank tx)
  • $119 IPL Palomar Photofacial (2 beauty bank tx)
  • $119 Rosecea Palomar laser tx (2 beauty bank tx)
  • $119 Acne Palomar Laser tx (2 beauty bank tx)
  • $119 Dermaplane w full Facial (2 beauty bank tx)
  • $119 Laser hair removal two areas, consult required (2 beauty bank tx) $59 Laser Hair Removal one area (1 beauty bank tx)
  • $119 Infrared Body Treatment & 1 session of EMS, Laser Lipo or Vibration Slimming Platform
  • 32 units, including touch up & $59 facial tx ($119 monthly- first payment Touch up if needed, second payment facial, third payment 32 units)


  • Botox $8.99 unit
  • Dysport $2.99 unit
  • Restlylane $399
  • Juvederm $399
  • Voluma  $699
  • lyft $499
  • Radiesse $799
  • Kybella 10% off
  • Microneeling with PRP $299 +
  • Add a Second treatment a month for $79 for any facial treatment (facial, progressive peel, laser photofacial, dermaplaning, Microneedling, Microdermabrasion

Amara Rejuve Specials & Promotions

Amara Rejuve Micro Laser Peel $175   $300

Lighten, Brighten, and Tighten

Enjoy three of our top treatments to help regain that Youthful Glow.  Start with an express mini facial peel with Microdermabrasion or  Dermaplaneing, then try out mini-IPL Photofacial.  Finish with our Rhonda Allison dermapeel Eye Treatment Mask.   All this to Thicken skin, Lighten Complexion,  and Tighten your Skin.

$750 One treatment of Cool sculpting Fat Removal & receive 4 infrared Body Wraps Free.

Freeze the FAT! One hour one area, no downtime.  This easy procedure permanently kills fat cells.  Great for Stomach fat, love handles, Bra fat, thighs, and arms.  This is very Popular and non invasive.  No downtime.

$100 off Kybella – Remove your double chin with a FDA approved medication that dissolves fat away. $100 dollars off your Treatment.

20% off  Juvederm Filler Injections

Beautiful woman applying cream near eyes


Daily Specials Menu

Micro-needling Mondays $175

Enjoy Collagen boosting and thicker and tighter skin every Monday for tons of Savings!  Skin Needling or Micro-Needling is a form of Collagen Induction Therapy which is intended to smooth wrinkles, improve depressed acne scaring as well as reduce the appearance of Stretch Marks.

Take Back Tuesdays $90

Enjoy smooth skin every Tuesday for a discount.  Mini facial with vitamin A Peel a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the epidermis.  The Vitamin A+ Peptide Peel is a blend of retinol, a biomimetic tri-peptide complex, curcuma longa (turmeric) root extract, and L-carnitine, which stimulates natural desquamation and initiates cell renewal to unveil radiant, smooth and firm skin.

Wrap Wednesdays $89

Infrared Body Slimming Wrap with Kelp and Seaweed Mud and receive B-12 Shot with or without fat burners. (burns 600-2500 calories per wrap)

Filler Thursday’s

$30 Dollars Off Your Choice of Filler.  Restylane, Voluma, Radiesse, or Boltero.

Flawless Fridays  $75  $120

Micro Dermabrasion ( water assisted dermabrasion ) is like traditional micro dermabrasion treatments. It utilizes an abrasive tip to pull away accumulated dead cells simultaneously propelling oxygen and saline, to deeply flush and purify each and every pore. Hydro Dermabrasion is a excellent treatment for skins that are effected by seasonal changes dryness in winter, lumps and bumps during the warmer months.

Saturdaze Photo Rejuve: Photofacial $99

Rejuvenate the skin with Laser Treatments sure to Brighten, and smooth the skin.   This will also improve texture and tone and so much more.


Perfect to save money or for a Friend, Bride, Mothers Day, Fathers Day, Birthday or just a special Someone Special

$150  Facial, Back Scrub & Infrared Body Wrap Treatment

  • Begin treatment with wrap or sauna, then off to the skincare room for a luxury 60 minute facial treatment and back scrub.
  • 45 minute Infrared Sauna session or Body Wrap
  • 1 b-12 Shot
  • Minimizes pores, and Hydrates the skin
  • Complete relaxation, Detox, and Skin Rejuvenation
  • This is the perfect gift to De-stress and re-new oneself

Detox Package

  • One infrared Body Treatment for body detoxification.
  • 1 Lipo Laser session to help get detox fat cells.
  • 1 EMS session for muscle stimulation

$999 Skin Spa Package

  • Choice of any 12 treatment: (Facials, Peels, Laser Photo facials, Micro needling, Dermaplaning, Hydrodermabrasion, Microneedling or Infrared Body Wrap)
  • 3 Infrared Sauna Visits
  • Complimentary B12 Shot
  • Perfect For a gift for Mothers day or for our Winter Visitors.
  • lightening, discoloration, refining pores, and diminishing fine lines & wrinkles, detox  and help build Collagen.
  • Discounts on Botox, and Filler Treatments

Body Slimming Packages

All Body Memberships are good for 30 Days and can repurchase as needed.

All of Our Body Wraps include: Cellophane/  Disposable Underwear and Bra/ Disposable wrap liner, Complimentary Spa Beverage w electrolytes

$299 Unlimited Monthly Infrared Body Slimming Wrap Monthly Package

  • Unlimited Infrared Body slimming Wraps (Recommend Every 2-3 days)
  • Use of our Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Best after Sauna.
  • Unlimited  Sauna Sessions
  • Relieve  pain and joint stiffness & Reduces stress and fatigue
  • Detox waste and impurities from the body & Dramatically reduces cellulite
  • Increases blood circulation & Strengthens the cardiovascular system
  • Complimentary B-12 shot
  • Good for 30 days
  • Add back scrub & Deep Sea Mineral Mud for $39
  • Discounts on Injectable or other Medspa Services

$499Unlimited Fat Detox, Energy & Body Slimming Wrap Monthly Package

  • Unlimited Laser Lipo or EMS
  • Unlimited Infrared Body Wrap
  • Unlimited  Sauna Sessions
  • Use of our Slim Full Body Vibration Platform Fitness Machine Best after Sauna.
  • 3 Day Colon Cleanse
  • Great way to loose inches & Get fit quickly
  • Get Slim ready for a special holiday or EVENT
  • Let us help you get back on track for your weight loss goals
  • Great for stubborn areas and making your muscles defined and noticeable
  • good for 30 days
  • Add Back Scrub and Mud for $39
  • Discounts on Cool sculpting
  • Discounts on Injectable or other Medspa Service

$39 B-12 Monthly

  • 2 b-12 injections per month

$59 B-12 with Fat Burners

  • 2 injections per month