Join our Botox /Dysport  Family

  • All of our Botox / Dysport is performed by a well experienced Registered Nurse specializing in facial injections
  • Follow up visit for perfection at two weeks
  • All guests that are on a Botox Membership enjoy huge Discounts on Filler Treatments  Juvederm Ultra Plus XC/ Restylane/ Voluma / and Radiesse/ Boltero/ Restylane

Injectable Memberships

“Beautiful skin requires commitment not a miracle”

This is a great way to  Re-awaken the skin and keep it looking younger.  These  Anti aging Procedures will decrease the signs of aging and keep it that way.  As we age our skin becomes Dual & thins and has signs of discoloration.  With these treatments skin will produce more collagen and become thicker. In addition to healthier skin it will brighten, and lighten age spots ( Yuma Sun damage ) on our skin. Our team of experts will help you decide which treatments will be good for your skin type. (see treatment choices below)

$119 Monthly Injectable Membership

  • 32 units, including touch up & $59 facial treatment ($119 monthly- first payment Touch up if needed, second payment $59 facial treatment credit, third payment 32 units).  This plan is a great way to start to care for your skin.

$169 Monthly Injectable Membership

  • 32 units every third payment, including touch up & $59 facial Treatment Credit every month.  This plan is great to stay committed to your skin.

$219 Monthly Injectable Membership

  • 32 units every third payment, including touch up & $119 facial Treatment Credit every month.  This plan offers the most affordable skincare treatments and is the most beneficial for your skin.  If your really want to invest in your skin this is the plan for you.

Advanced Facial treatments

  • $59 Microneedling facial( must pay for treatment tip)
  • $59 60 Minute Facial
  • $59 Progressive Skin Peel
  • $59 LED Facial
  • $59 Microdermabrasion
  • $119 IPL Palomar Photofacial
  • $119 Rosecea Palomar laser tx
  • $119 Acne Palomar Laser tx
  • $119 Dermaplane w full Facial
  • $119 Laser hair removal two areas, consult required /$59 Laser Hair Removal one area
  • $119 Infrared Body Treatment & 1 session of EMS, Laser Lipo or Vibration Slimming Platfor


  • Botox $8.99 unit
  • Dysport $2.99 unit
  • Restlylane $420
  • Juvederm $420
  • Voluma  $699
  • lyft $699
  • Radiesse $799
  • Kybella 10% off
  • Microneeling with PRP $299 +
  • Add a additional treatment  $79 for any facial treatment (progressive peel, laser photofacial, dermaplaning, Microneedling, Microdermabrasion)