The Art of a Skin Peel

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Skin Peel Benefits

A safe, non-toxic chemical solution is applied to your skin that gently polishes or resurfaces the skin, removing the damaged top layers. A skin peel stimulates new cell growth and collagen production to effectively reveal younger looking skin.

  • Your skin will be noticeably smoother and fresher looking
  • A chemical peel reduces signs of sun damage, dull and uneven skin tone, scars, pigmentation, acne and enlarged pores
  • Improves skin texture and condition by removing dead and damaged skin cells
  • Your skin will be brighter and clearer as a chemical peel stimulates the growth of healthy skin cells and collagen production
  • A skin peel penetrates the skin to smooth rough texture and discolouration
  • There are a range of skin peels available designed to treat specific skin conditions and types


Mild chemical peels are most often used to improve the appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, mild acne scarring and mild hyperpigmentation. They remove only a small part of the epidermis, or outer layer of skin.

  •  Twice monthly Treatment for keeping skin smooth and hydrated
  • Alphahydroxy acids (AHAs) are the gentlest acids used in skin peels. Lactic acid, glycolic acid.
  • The Progressive chemical peel is a treatment that does not usually cause immediate exfoliation. It only removes the outer layer of the skin. As this treatment is repeated, the skin will experience mild sloughing. This chemical peel does not penetrate beyond the epidermis.

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Medium-depth skin peels penetrate further to remove the epidermis and some of the dermis, or underlying middle layer of skin. Some dermatologists may perform a mild peel before a medium-depth peel, in order to give you a more effective skin treatment. Medium-depth peels are used to treat wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, sun damage and precancerous growths. Medium-depth peels usually take between 30 and 60 minutes to administer.

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Deep (The Perfect Peel)

Deep skin peels penetrate all the way to the subcutaneous, or third and deepest, layer of skin. They are used to treat melasma, deep wrinkles, scarring, sun damage and precancerous growths of the skin. TCA is the ingredient of choice for most deep peels, but the Jessner solution can be applied in layers to effect a deep peel. Phenol is more caustic than other chemical peel ingredients and carries risk of permanent pigmentation changes, demarcation lines and sensitivity to sunlight. Petroleum jelly or another ointment may be applied after a phenol peel to protect the skin. Full recovery can take several months.  Post Peel Facial Included.

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